Amazon Pharmacy Officially Launches

Amazon Pharmacy Officially Launches

The main story

After several years of quiet planning, Amazon has officially announced the launch of Amazon Pharmacy for most of the U.S.

With its new service, Americans will be able to order discounted prescriptions online with two-day delivery for Prime members and five days for non-members.

The reveal immediately threatens traditional drugstore chains such as CVS and Walgreens, as evident by a tank in shares of its established competitors.

Bezos’s long-awaited play is Amazon’s next step in its plan of offering the “complete experience” for its consumers.

Teachable Moment

What a timely reveal as the county braces for its next wave of Covid cases. Consumers are already strongly encouraged to continue their lives online, and a saving boost from the company doesn’t hurt. This is a classic lesson in patience for finding the right time to launch, whether it’s your product, business, or idea.

Amazon is an aggressive company with no fear in whatever market it launches, but it’s common knowledge that it’s been planning its business’s pharmacy side since 2017. Great ideas don’t always have to be rushed out the front gates and if there’s any proof, carefully watch as Amazon rides the next wave of the pandemic while it lures new prime memberships with it’s online prescription savings.