Teachable Moment: Seek clarity over speculation when it comes to addressing conflict with fellow peers or employees.

The Problem

A feeling of unease seeps into your workdays, and you find yourself in an all too familiar situation.

There’s a brewing conflict with a fellow peer or manager.

Unanswered questions, unsaid words, and misunderstood intentions hang heavily, threatening to disrupt the peace and productivity of your workspace.

You’re turning over every word, every gesture, every email in your mind, trying to decipher the origins of this conflict.

You might imagine scenarios, piecing together a puzzle with pieces that may not even exist.

But will speculation lead you to a resolution?

Will overanalyzing every interaction help you understand their perspective?

The truth is, it won’t.

The Solution

Be bold and direct.

When conflict rears its ugly head, tackle the issue head-on instead of spending sleepless nights wondering what went wrong.

Ask difficult questions and engage in open communication.

Reach out and ask your peer what the problem is.

It might feel uncomfortable, but it’s better to seek the truth than live in a world of assumptions.

This helps clear the air and paves the way for finding a middle ground.

Remember, they don’t have to be your friends for you to work effectively together.

Your roles demand professionalism, respect, and collaboration, regardless of personal feelings.

So, don’t shy away the next time you sense conflict brewing.

Face it, address it, and overcome it.