Teachable Moment: Show up for your employees, even if they're independent and autonomous.

The Problem

Autonomy is a powerful tool.

Typically reserved for our highest performers, we encourage them to take full ownership of their roles.

But this is where we drop the ball.

Managers confuse the idea of giving their employees autonomy with adopting a “hands-off” approach instead.

One where communication becomes non-existent and misalignment grows.

We think that because they’re independent and autonomous, they won’t need us to get involved with any aspect of their role.

After all, why meddle in what seems to be a productive working arrangement?

The Solution

Some of your employees will be autonomous and completely low-touch.

That’s perfectly okay, but it doesn’t mean alienating them and leaving them in the dark.

Even if you have highly independent employees, your responsibility is to make sure that they have a leader to support them.

This comes in many forms, and it won’t always be through coaching and direct guidance.

Sometimes it can be as simple as sharing updates or learning from their experiences.

Whatever form it takes, don’t forget to show up.

Even the best employees will need you to lead them.