Calm Steps Up

Calm Steps Up

The main story

Mediation and sleep app Calm throws its money where its mouth is in an interesting blend of values and publicity.

In response to Naomi Osaka’s departure from the French Open, Calm has pledged to pay the $15K fine for any player opting out of 2021 Grand Slam media appearances.

It’s also choosing to match this fine with a $15K donation to Laureus, a nonprofit focusing on mental health awareness and social change through sports.

The announcement comes following Osaka’s decision to withdraw from this year’s French Open after being fined for missing a press conference.

Teachable Moment

Step up.  

While we don’t always have an extra $30K to dish out, we all have the ability to step up in any environment we’re a part of, especially when it’s fitting.

It’s common to stay passive and be afraid to speak up. At work, this can impact policies, behavior, or decisions that can negatively affect us or our employees.

In any situation where you have the power to help, make the first move and step up.

You don’t need permission.

Calm’s decision to pay fines and match it with donations is a great example of positioning its company values with something as pervasive as the mental health conversation in the workplace.