Cut the Altruism Act

Joshua A. Luna
November 4, 2022
Cut the Altruism Act
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Teachable Moment: Break the facade of work being an employee's sole source of fulfillment and practice honesty and encouragement towards building a separate space.

The Problem

You’re not responsible for whether or not your employees live a fulfilled life.

We’re at the pinnacle of this false narrative, where millions of employees believe that an organization must provide everything (and then some) in their journey to find happiness.

And managers are right at the center.

We’re so scared to face the realities that sometimes work is just work that we create a false environment where unreasonable expectations are never met.

When we play into these false depictions that work is responsible for an employee’s happiness, we create a facade where disappointment is the only result.

The Solution

As leaders, you have the opportunity (more so than other employees) to help build the narrative in truth and reality.

Don’t lie and promise happiness and fulfillment when realistically, these concepts are out of your control.

You have two principles you can leverage here - honesty and encouragement.

When it comes to honesty, this means complete transparency (to the best of your ability) to let employees know what to expect regarding their work.

This can be information on how the company operates, how projects are managed, and even how careers are handled.

Based on this information, employees can decide whether this suits their personal needs. Letting them be aware of crucial details that may impact their decisions is your responsibility to them as their manager.

And this is where the encouragement comes in.

If certain aspects of work aren’t meeting your employees’ expectations, encourage them to seek further meaning outside of the office.

Work is just a tool.

A tool for financial freedom, greater knowledge, and more opportunity.

It can consume you if you let it, but encouragement towards building a space of their own will help them get one step closer to what they’re looking for.