Deal With It

Joshua A. Luna
January 20, 2023
Deal With It


Teachable Moment: Own new challenges and obstacles by embracing them head-on.

The Problem

You’re going to inherit a lot of problems.

Broken systems, poor-performing employees, failing projects - all of these (and more) are up for grabs.

These are not, by any means, fun and exciting situations to manage, but there will be times in your role when you have to own problems/mistakes that weren’t your responsibility in the first place.

And guess what?

You’ll be judged, critiqued, and questioned on how it all turns out.

So, what do you do?

The Solution

Own the challenge.

Sure, you can spend time wailing in the discomfort and unfairness, but that will only waste time and get you nowhere.

Embrace the opportunity to make everyone you work with take note of how you operate.

Sometimes you’re dealt a bad hand.

You decide what you want to do with it.

Your leadership is determined by the decisions you make in the face of adversity.

So take these moments and truly make a name for yourself.