Don't Skip the Preparation

Don't Skip the Preparation

How often have you found yourself blindsided by new information in a meeting?

Maybe the information you heard was the opposite of what you expected.

Maybe you heard something that came as a complete surprise.

Or maybe you just weren’t prepared.

In a world full of back-to-back meetings, just “winging” it has started to become the new standard.

We run around expecting others to provide the context for us and deliver half-baked ideas from our gut.

Both can make meetings more unbearable and longer than they need to be.

Just “winging” it might have worked for you early on in your career, but you can’t skip the preparation part of the process required at the leadership level.

Understanding the context of any situation you’re in and being able to make informed decisions will make or break your success as a leader.

If you always fly by the seat of your pants expecting things to work out, you better be comfortable eventually hitting a brick wall.


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