Encourage Deliberate Focus Time

Encourage Deliberate Focus Time

Do you ever find yourself with no time to sit with your thoughts and focus on the work ahead?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many organizations prioritize a meeting-first approach where “collaboration” reigns above all else.

The problem with this mindset is twofold:

  1. It forces you to add more face-to-face (virtual) time
  2. It prioritizes talking about work rather than getting the work done.

‍It’s not to say that collaboration doesn’t have its benefits, but rather understanding that time spent thinking and planning alone is just as valuable.

Plan and encourage deliberate focus time among your team members as much as possible.

This doesn’t happen automatically, so you’ll have to be intentional with setting an example.

As the leader, your employees and team members will look to you for what’s acceptable in their work routine.

Are you going to be the leader who encourages employees to be thoughtful with their day-to-day, or will you fill up their schedules as much as possible for the sake of collaboration?