Everything’s on the Table

Everything’s on the Table

Recently got a chance to share my thoughts with Business Insider about how employees can initiate “stay interviews.”

Typically, stay interviews are used by managers or HR departments to gauge what employees like about working at their organization and what they would like to see change.

However, as an employee, there’s an opportunity for you to leverage these stay interviews as kindle for your own career growth.

Nonstop media coverage keeps on talking about the “Great Resignation” or how employees are finding better opportunities by quitting, but what if you don’t want to quit your job?

You might enjoy your workplace and the coworkers that you share your proverbial 9 to 5 with, but maybe you just want to see meaningful change (higher compensation, better projects, flexible work arrangements) when it comes to your employment.

But before you quit in hopes of finding better opportunities, make sure to exhaust all of your options within your current organization - especially if you like where you work.

If you bring enough value to your organization, and your manager appreciates your contributions, everything's on the table.

Approach your manager by proactively setting time to discuss what change you want to see when it comes to your career growth.

Let them know what you value about working there and what the idea of career growth looks like in action.

When you come with specifics and have shown the impact you’ve made, you’ll often find the opportunities you’re looking for.

Remember: there isn’t a job you’ll enjoy 100% of the time, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get close.