Examine Negative Outcomes

Examine Negative Outcomes


Teachable Moment: Examine negative outcomes in the face of uncertainty and prepare for any similar situation by developing a proper mitigation plan.

The Problem

Even the most informed decisions in the world can still produce a negative outcome.

You can follow all the proper steps and make the most logical choices, but sometimes it’s not enough.

That’s the beauty (sarcasm) of uncertainty.

It can derail anything in its way.

But what you do with your negative outcome is what takes you from being a good leader to a great one.

The Solution

Your first step is to analyze what went wrong and determine if it was avoidable in the first place.

  • Were you working with insufficient data?
  • Did you skip a crucial step in the project?
  • Did you or an employee produce quality work?

Go through these questions and rule out any internal missteps.

If all is clear, consider what led to the undesired outcome.

  • Could this have been avoidable?
  • Could this have been anticipated?

Your final step will be to come up with a plan or procedure for any similar future situation.

Make this accessible to everyone on your team and reference it as often as it’s relevant.

Following these steps will ensure that you are prepared to deal with any negative outcomes moving forward.