Feedback Is Not a Gift

Feedback Is Not a Gift

“Feedback is a gift.”

Did you just cringe a bit?

I know I did writing it, especially since I believe it’s one of the most overused and hollow phrases in the manager toolkit.

We’ve all had a manager who was really eager and proud to share their thoughts about your performance.

Maybe they witnessed your work directly or heard it through the grapevine via your coworkers - either way, the thought of bestowing their knowledge to you made them smile ear to ear.

Don’t be like this type of manager.

In reality, feedback is not a gift.

Feedback is also not the “truth.”

Feedback is a collection of data or information filtered through one’s own perception.

And that means that it can be biased or even wrong.

Next time you give feedback to an employee or coworker, go in with the mindset of having a conversation and not delivering a gift.

Give the other person an opportunity to challenge your thoughts and share their side of the story.

Work on offering helpful information for their growth and development, not your ego.

Because at the end of the day, if you genuinely want your feedback to be impactful, you have to accept that it's about them and not you.