Teachable Moment: Begin elevating your focus from daily operations to the long-term trajectory of your team.

The Problem

There's a chance you're neglecting the most critical aspect of your role.

You'll likely be entrenched in the immediate tasks and projects that demand your attention.

Your day-to-day role might be filled with managing ongoing operations, problem-solving on the spot, and constantly extinguishing the fires that spring up on your team.

This active, hands-on approach ensures that your team runs smoothly and that the day's objectives are met.

While these are essential, you're left with little to no time for long-term strategic planning.

This aspect of your role is crucial as it sets the stage for future success but can be neglected amidst the rush of present tasks.

The Solution

You need to have one eye on the present and another on the future.

The higher you go up the management ladder, the further ahead you must anticipate.

Overcoming the instinct to prioritize the immediate and short-term future over the long term is a crucial step.

Instead of just maintaining the quality of today's work, your focus should also encompass scanning for what's next.

You must ensure your team is well-prepared for these forthcoming challenges and opportunities.

You must regularly communicate about future goals, trends, and potential disruptions.

Your active participation in future-oriented thinking can pave the way for your team's long-term success.

Your responsibility as a leader is to ensure they're not just surviving the present but also equipped for the future.