Get Involved

Joshua A. Luna
October 21, 2022
Get Involved
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Teachable Moment: When it comes to conflict among your employees, get involved and help facilitate common ground and understanding.

The Problem

On occasion, your employees will have trouble working well together.

This can be due to behavioral issues, personality differences, or even an individual's poor performance that impacts their collaboration.

Whatever the reason, it's your responsibility as the manager to step in and address any concerns that impact the team.

Letting your employees figure it out on their own creates unnecessary risk by assuming they'll be able to course-correct it on their own and that the situation will resolve itself.

The Solution

When you run into a scenario where two or more employees struggle to work with one another, you'll want to adopt the role of the mediator.

Set some time together and determine the following:

  • an understanding of what the problem or roadblock is
  • each person's perspective on the situation
  • a reasonable approach towards common ground

Your job is not to fix or mend the relationship among the employees but rather facilitate common ground for the sake of productivity and work.

Once you can address your employees' concerns, agree on the next steps and follow up with each individual during 1:1's.

You want to ensure that you consistently check to see if everything is on track before making extreme adjustments, such as switching team members or pulling in new ones.

Not everyone will like each other, and that's perfectly okay, but it's up to you to ensure these scenarios are not impacting work.