Get out of the Way

Get out of the Way


Teachable Moment: Improve team systems and processes by streamlining your level of involvement.

The Problem

Bureaucracy at work is inevitable.

Ask anyone who works for a company with over 100 employees, and they’ll remind you of the endless systems and processes they run into.

And if you find yourself in leadership roles throughout your career, you’ll often be the one enforcing them.

Fun, right?

No, not really - but you do have the power to make the process much easier when it comes to the team you manage.

You might not be able to eliminate all the “extra” layers within your organization, but you can always start with what’s most obvious.

And that’s your level of involvement.

The Solution

Examine every piece of work that’s produced by your team and take note of wherever you’re involved.

This could be in:

  • decision making
  • conflict resolution
  • project management
  • employee development

This is not a final list, but it’s a good start.

Ask yourself if you needed to be involved in any of those examples.

If the answer is honestly no, consider removing yourself as an extra step.

If the answer is yes, did you delay the process in any way?

Consider what you can do to streamline your involvement so that you can become an advocate or asset, not an additional hurdle.

Your employees will thank you.