Gopuff's Major Expansion

Gopuff's Major Expansion

The main story

Gopuff prepares for its next level of growth by making a key hire from a competitor.

Convenience store delivery service Gopuff has hired Jon Feldman, a former Uber Eats executive, to lead its global strategy plan.

Fresh off a $1B+ funding round in March, the company is ramping up its delivery service while eyeing a European expansion.

Gopuff has previously acquired alcohol delivery service BevMo and UK grocery delivery service Fancy, signaling its focus for rapid growth.

Teachable Moment

High-performing teams and organizations need the right people to pave the path for everyone else.

Gopuff’s move to bring in executives who have significant experience shows that it’s serious about its growth and plans to do so as quickly as possible.

This is a great lesson for leaders who are working on new or difficult terrain.

Don’t be afraid to bring in new and experienced employees who are more familiar with what you’re experiencing.

You can take the time to train and develop your existing roster, but there’s no promise that the ones who got you where you are will take you where you need to go.

One thing is certain when you receive funding (especially in large amounts): you better deliver.