How to Effectively Address Behavioral Issues at Work

How to Effectively Address Behavioral Issues at Work

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of conflict in the workplace, but how often have you seen it turn into moments of blatant disrespect?

We’re all allowed to have differences of opinions and challenge old notions, and if anything, it’s encouraged in high-performing cultures.

However, that conflict stops becoming helpful when we lose sight of the basic levels of courtesy required for all interactions.

Be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Is someone openly dismissing or ignoring your direct contributions?
  • Is someone showing complete disregard for your presence?
  • Is someone touting snarky or inappropriate comments directly toward you?

If any of these hit the mark, you must address these tell-tale signs of employee behavioral issues head-on.

Speak with the individual directly and seek additional perspective - maybe there’s some context you’re not aware of that creates unknown dissent.

If there’s no additional context, share examples of the behavior in question and discuss what’s expected to maintain a productive and healthy debate.

The goal is to address these moments immediately and head-on.

Otherwise, you risk creating a more significant issue later on.


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