How to Overcome the Fear of Asking for Help at Work

How to Overcome the Fear of Asking for Help at Work

When was the last time you asked for help at work?

If you’re like most employees, there’s a chance that you’d rather tackle a problem on your own before asking for help.

Some of us might even take it as far as holding onto the problem for ourselves until we’re the ones coming up with the solution.

Sure, you should attempt to solve any roadblock or issue on your own at first, but be sure to ask for help as soon as you realize you can’t figure it out.

The key is realizing when you’ve exhausted your options and knowing immediately when to bring it up with your manager or colleague to move things along.

If you’re struggling with asking for help, for fear of looking weak, consider the following framework to make the process much easier:

  1. Reinforce Your Priorities - You’ll typically be measured by the end results of a goal or initiative you were a part of, not the details in between. Focus on what it will take to achieve the desired outcome rather than your fear.
  2. Identify What Type of Guidance You’re Looking For - It’s your responsibility to identify what type of help you’re looking for. Determine whether you need additional insight, need an extra pair of hands to split up the work, or need help fixing a mistake.
  3. Learn How to Ask For Help Effectively - You’ll want to align the problem/type of guidance you’re looking for with someone who can actually move you forward.
  4. Follow Up With Results - Once you’ve gone past the “ask for help” stage, follow up with whoever helped you and let them know how everything turned out.

Doing this as soon as possible will be optimal in saving time and avoiding future frustration.

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