Introducing Mgmt On-Demand

Introducing Mgmt On-Demand

Over the last 10 years, I have spent my career committed to the world of learning and development.

I’ve had the pleasure of managing successful teams and delivering large-scale learning programs, all with one primary focus:

To build strong and effective leaders.

If you have a strong and effective leader, you’ll have someone who knows how to build high-performing teams and guide employees toward making a company fiercely competitive.

The problem?

The leadership development process is a nightmare.

Organizations wait until employees become managers before offering them training

Most manager or leadership training programs are gated until someone is promoted to a people manager or hired to fill a leadership role.

At face value, there doesn’t seem to be an issue:

Offer leadership training to the company’s roster of existing leaders.

It’s almost a no-brainer until you take a step back and realize that you’re asking these individuals to learn the principles and fundamentals while balancing the responsibilities of managing a team.

This encourages immense trial and error that throws leaders to the fire, leaving them discouraged and overwhelmed.

Not all leaders want to be managers

As organizations and departments flattened in their hierarchy, the role of the individual contributor has changed to wear many different hats.

These employees now manage large-scale projects and programs, interact with important clients, and even deliver critical messages to stakeholders, all without managing a single employee.

By definition, these individuals are not people managers, so they must not be leaders, right?

This is how many organizations will view individual contributors.

“If you’re not a manager, you don’t need leadership development.“

This type of thinking is flawed and ignores the fact that some of your best employees might not want to be people managers.

Why would you not offer them the same type of relevant leadership skill training that teaches collaboration, enhances communication and tests critical thinking?

Leadership development takes time & commitment

One course, one program, or one test does not make someone a leader.

Organizations are surprised to find that little to no basic training offerings fail to create the effective leaders they were hoping for.

There is no perfect time estimate for developing an effective leader, but there is a process that takes an ongoing commitment to education.

An ongoing commitment that analyzes competencies, implements knowledge, and gathers feedback.

These pieces are necessary for future leaders to get the full experience that will allow them to strengthen their skills.

This cannot be rushed.

How I can help you

The barrier to leadership training has always been high.

If you try to find a solution on your own, you’ll run into a high price barrier, and if you rely on an organization to train you, you’ll run into the issue of quality and accessibility.

Both of these roadblocks irritate me to no end.

Leadership development skills are beneficial to any working professional and are relevant at any level in your career.

So I put together a platform called Mgmt On-Demand where you can access quick, practical courses and templates to learn everything you need to know in order to become a better leader.

The platform operates under three principles:

  1. Everything is under $10
  2. Everything takes less than 30 minutes to complete
  3. Everything is straight to point - no fluff

I wanted to make this as affordable as possible no matter where you are in your career and easy to consume by focusing on key takeaways.

There are currently 2 paid courses and 4 free templates to check out, with many more resources on the way.

My goal is to give new and future leaders access to everything they’ll need to know to be as effective as possible.

If you’ve been following my content, newsletter, or work, I encourage you to check out the platform.

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