It’s Okay to Get Angry

Joshua A. Luna
August 5, 2022
It’s Okay to Get Angry
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We don’t always get to choose the interactions we’re a part of.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you have coworkers and a leadership team who are mature enough to engage in healthy and lively conversations.

But for most, you have that occasional coworker (or 2) who makes you want to throw your laptop off the roof.

You know the one.

The one who’s overly cocky but makes easy mistakes.

Or the one who’s passive aggressive and chooses to pass the blame onto you.

These interactions are less than pleasant but are sometimes necessary due to the structure of your role.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to get angry and frustrated.

Often we’re told to push down these feelings and ignore them, but the problem with this strategy is that they will always come out one way or another.

The trick is to process your emotions after the conversation is over.

Give yourself time (I’ve found that 5 minutes is a great start) to embrace these negative emotions and move forward.

This allows you to process what you’re experiencing, cool off, and continue with your day.

It’s okay to get mad, but it’s not okay to let someone else’s poor behavior linger throughout your day.