Learn How to Say No

Learn How to Say No

“Do you have a second?”

The most dreaded phrase in the time management playbook starts with these 5 words.

As you grow your career into a leadership position, more and more people will request your time even when you don’t have it.

Sure, a few seconds won’t hurt.

But how many of those seconds turn into minutes, and how many of those turn into hours?

No matter what job role you’re in, learn how to say no and be strategic with your time.

This doesn’t mean being rude to others but offering alternative ideas.

If someone’s asking to meet with you, offer them to send you an email that you can respond to when you have a moment of free time.

If someone is constantly asking for your help, arrange for another employee or coworker to show them how to solve their problem.

Being strategic and intentional with your time will ensure you have the time to focus on high-priority work.