Learn to Be Proactive

Learn to Be Proactive

“Good things come to those who wait.”

Ever heard of this commonly used proverb?

Well, I have, and I can tell you from experience (and from the 100’s of leaders I’ve worked with) that it has no place alongside your leadership journey.

At work, it’s usually in reference to one of the following situations:

  • An employee is waiting for the right growth opportunity
  • A manager is waiting for a solution to a problem to appear
  • A coworker is waiting for someone to solve their problems

Patience is one thing, but waiting on the sideline for something to magically happen is one of the fastest ways to irritate your managers and coworkers.

As you gear up for more responsibilities and leadership opportunities, don’t underestimate the strength that comes with learning how to be proactive.

Those who are proactive take action.

And those who take action create the most impact.

* * *


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