Leverage Support

Leverage Support


Teachable Moment: Leverage HR's expertise and resources to address extremely rude and disrespectful behavior from employees.

The Problem

You’ve probably encountered bad behavior from employees before.

But every now and then, someone will take it too far.

Maybe someone was extremely disrespectful, rude, or even aggressive toward you.

Perhaps you even tried addressing the situation on your own and found that direct feedback and coaching failed to work.

And in these situations, it’s easy to feel like you just have to accept it because your job as a leader is to protect and support your team.

The reality is that tolerating disrespectful behavior undermines your authority and credibility as a leader.

These negative behaviors can create a toxic work environment and will erode employee engagement, retention, and performance.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to tolerate bad behavior from anyone, even if they’re your employee.

As a manager, it’s important to recognize that you don’t have to handle these situations on your own.

The truth is, you’re still an employee of your organization, and HR is there to support you too.

The Solution

If you’re experiencing bad behavior from an employee that’s impacting your work or well-being, it’s time to leverage HR and get their support.

This might mean filing a formal complaint, documenting the behavior in writing, or taking other appropriate action.

HR is meant to support all employees, including managers like you.

They have the expertise and resources to help you address these situations and find practical solutions that align with your company’s policies and values.

They’ll take the necessary steps to investigate the issue, document the behavior, and take appropriate disciplinary action if needed.

Don’t fall into the trap of tolerating bad behavior on your team.

Take action to leverage HR as a resource and address bad behavior head-on.