Looking Inside the Box for Solutions

Joshua A. Luna
August 14, 2020
Looking Inside the Box for Solutions
Harley-Davidson via Unsplash

The main story

Amidst a significant and unexpected Q2 loss, Harley-Davidson continues to push forward.

Reeling from several ambitious decisions (a hasty international expansion and roll-out of a new, expensive electric motorcycle) new CEO Jochen Zeitz is grounding the company back to its roots in hopes to turn things around.

While no stranger to reviving former die-hard brands (Puma), Zeitz’s aptly named “Rewire” plan aims to focus on core products, remove manufacturing efficiency’s and withdraw from under-performing markets.

Already doing poorly before the pandemic, Harley-Davidson asked Zeitz to step in around April after the departure (or forced exit) of his predecessor.

Does this situation sound familiar to anyone?

If you’ve ever stepped into a role aboard a sinking ship you might recall the pressure of everyone’s eyes on you, waiting for your next steps as they wonder how you’ll fix your inherited problems.

Teachable Moment

Instead of trying to find the next innovative or creative solution, take some time to look inward and identify the opportunities for change that are within arms reach.