Now's Your Time

Joshua A. Luna
January 6, 2023
Now's Your Time
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Teachable Moment: Take the beginning of the new year to self-reflect on your career and determine what you want to achieve next.

The Problem

The start of a new year can bring a positive new outlook on what’s to come—endless opportunities to start fresh at work and complete whatever resolutions we had for ourselves the previous year.

But…that’s not how it really plays out.

Half of us play catch up on the work we told ourselves would be a “new year” problem, while the other half scrambles to figure out how to deliver on all the crazy (and urgent) new initiatives brewed up by senior leadership.

As a leader - stress starts to pile on early, and your window to self-reflect on where you want to go with your career begins to close.

Without this reflection, you miss that opportunity for growth and development as you drift back to auto-pilot.

The Solution

With the fresh start of a new year, you can reflect on the progress that you’ve made over the last twelve months and think about what areas you want to focus on improving in.

Assess your career goals, both short-term and long-term, to help you determine whether or not you are in the right place.

To start the reflection process:

  1. Take stock of your current situation. Consider any major wins or accomplishments you achieved over the past year and any professional growth areas that may have been neglected.
  2. Modify your goals as needed. Make sure they are realistic and achievable while still being challenging enough to push yourself.
  3. Identify any gaps or opportunities. Look at your current role and determine if any gaps could be addressed with additional skill-building, mentorship, or learning opportunities.
  4. Reach out to colleagues and mentors. Seek out feedback on your professional strengths and weaknesses by asking those closest to your work.

By taking stock of where you are in your career and what you want out of it, you can ensure that the coming year is full of growth and progress.

If your job doesn’t bring you a sense of satisfaction or purpose, it might be time to look for something else.