Performance Today > Performance Tomorrow

Performance Today > Performance Tomorrow


Teachable Moment: Level-set your employee’s expectations about growth by focusing on their present-day performance.

The Problem

Let’s face it.

All of your employees want learning and growth opportunities. And they want them quickly.

It’s the #1 factor determining a “great” work environment. Some might even go as far as asking about those opportunities in interviews or their onboarding.

Sure, we all want our employees to continue to grow. The more skilled they become, the more resources they have to solve bigger problems.

Their eagerness to understand what their future looks like at your company might even be admirable.

Until it gets in their way.

In their way of staying productive.

In their way of completing their work.

And in their way of producing quality results.

A constant obsession with their future does not outweigh the expectation of producing quality work today.

The Solution

Don’t be afraid to level-set your employee’s expectations about growth.

Their approach to performance today indicates how their performance will look in the future.

If they have no interest in learning the skills necessary to succeed in their current role, what makes you think they’ll do so in a future position with more responsibilities?

Before planning an employee’s future role and responsibility, address where they are today.

Ask yourself the following questions for each of your employees:

  1. Do they understand the expectations of their role?
  2. Are they able to complete the bare minimum of their responsibilities?
  3. Are they performing at a caliber that goes beyond expectations?

If you can answer Yes to all three questions, then you can start to prepare them for whatever step is next.