Teachable Moment: Understand the level of power and authority you have as a leader within your organization.

The Problem

Managers without power struggle to lead their teams.

It’s not about the power to rule with an iron fist but the power to make an impact.

To implement change when it comes to the roadblocks your employees face.

Or to solve problems affecting the success of your team.

That doesn’t mean complete control, as everybody has a manager and everybody has a boss.

But if you don’t have the authority to lead your team with a reasonable level of empowerment, then your role is merely symbolic.

And your organization is setting you up to fail.

The Solution

You need to be able to make decisions, especially if it falls into your domain.

Start a conversation with your manager and ask them what decisions you can and cannot make regarding your team.

What are the limitations?

Who do you need approval from in certain situations?

Make sure you understand the playing field and what you can realistically own.

From these conversations, you’ll quickly realize if you’re fully empowered to manage your team or if someone else will always pull the strings.

Some decisions won’t be yours to make.

But when it falls in your domain, you should feel empowered to lead in your way.

Otherwise, what’s the point of managing a team you’re not allowed to manage?