Respect Your Commitments

Respect Your Commitments

Sounds easy, right?

Maybe you’ve committed to a new project or even scheduled time to help out a team member looking for guidance.

Usually, this is nothing out of the ordinary, but then all of a sudden, your day gets out of hand.

You lose control of your schedule and are unable to complete that new project you agreed to and miss the scheduled time you were supposed to help out your team member.

If it happens once, not a big deal - you can always reschedule.

But do that enough times, and you’ll start to lose trust with those you’re constantly making commitments to, especially when they depend on your guidance.

It’s completely okay to say no to anything that might put you in a situation to overcommit.

But if you commit to anything that involves another person, respect that commitment or have the confidence to say no.

It’s better to tell the truth than to continually let them down.

Otherwise, you’ll constantly play the “sorry” game, which helps no one and irritates everyone involved.