Set Clear Deliverables

Joshua A. Luna
August 16, 2022
Set Clear Deliverables
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Teachable Moment: Use clearly defined deliverables and deadlines to turn ideas into actions.

The Problem

If I look back and think about all the teams I’ve worked with, the ones who fail to make any progress are the ones who never commit past the brainstorming phase.

They’re the ones who talk about great ideas but never put a plan into place to make them a reality.

And while talking about new ideas can be fun and engaging, the truth is that impactful initiatives don’t just magically piece themselves together.

It’s crucial for you and your employees to know who owns what piece of the work and when it needs to be completed.

The Solution

Start by empowering your employees to take the reigns and create accountability for themselves.

Ask them which parts of the project they’d like to own and when they’ll be able to complete it.

This helps involve them in the process of setting expectations, rather than you telling them what they need to do.

If they’re unable to meet these requirements, this is where you can step in and start guiding them forward through coaching and scheduled follow-ups.

No matter what, there must be a coordinated effort through accountability to cross the finish line.