Slow Down

Joshua A. Luna
December 23, 2022
Slow Down
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Teachable Moment: Avoid pushing employees to finish any last-minute tasks before the end of the year and encourage time to recharge.

The Problem

The holidays.

It’s that time of the year when PTO requests stack, and we tell ourselves that whatever’s on our plate is a problem for next year.

You can either choose to embrace the calmness that this time of the year provides or crack down on your employees to finish any last-minute projects or work.

Managers who choose the latter will more than likely hit a brick wall.

Employees are tired and ready to take a break (mentally), even if they’re not formally on PTO.

And pushing them now under the guise of “crunch time” will only fuel their need to find a new job in 2023.

The Solution

If it’s not absolutely mission-critical or will bring down the business, it’s probably not that serious.

Slow down and relax on any outstanding projects or work from your team.

Offer them the flexibility to either extend due dates (if possible) or to cut back on any crunch work.

Wait until next year when your employee’s minds are ready for it.

Keep the next week open for planning and mental preparation for the coming year.