Spotify's New Remote Work Policy

Spotify's New Remote Work Policy

The main story

Titled “Work From Anywhere,” the internal program gives employees the option of not only choosing where they want to work (office or home) but by adding the flexibility of choosing their location.

If they choose to live and work in a city where there isn’t a Spotify office, the company will arrange to cover a membership for a nearby co-working space.

While there might be some limitations in terms of locations employees can choose (sensitive to time zones and regional laws), Spotify has brought a new solution to a problem that will persist over the next few years.

Teachable Moment

Having a work from home policy (primarily because of Covid) isn’t a new idea.

In this case, a differentiator is how Spotify has decided to cut through the complicated logistics behind a structured policy in favor of ease and flexibility.

Spotify's focus? An effective workforce.

If you rifle through most work from home policies, you’ll run into location-based pay issues, restrictions on where you can live, and even mandatory office days as part of hybrid programs.

All of these roadblocks create unnecessary stress and exist to mask self-interest.

By removing any of these restrictions, Spotify can help its employees optimize their work-life by ultimately giving them the option to make their own choices around the matter.