Teachable Moment: Uphold the standards you set for your team, even in the face of an underperformer.

The Problem

The standards you uphold at work set the tone for the rest of your team.

But what happens when you have an underperformer?

You’ll eventually run into an employee that will operate well below the line of expectation.

Sure, they do the job, but not anywhere close to the standard that everyone else operates with.

And this will make you question how you run your team.

In this doubt, most managers will compromise to the lowest common denominator (the underperformer) just for the sake of being fair and giving the underperforming employee a chance.

But by doing this, you jeopardize your team’s performance by encouraging mediocre behavior and performance.

The Solution

Be unwavering in your standards.

It’s your responsibility to uphold those standards for the sake of the company and your employees.

Ask yourself:

1. Is it helping move the organization forward, or are you just being picky?

2. Are you setting the bar too high, or are you creating an environment for high-performers to thrive?

As long as you give them an opportunity to rise to the standard, and offer the tools/resources to help get them there, you can confidently promote a culture that encourages your people to grow.