The Importance of Innovation from All Levels

Joshua A. Luna
October 9, 2020
The Importance of Innovation from All Levels
Fabian Oelkers via Unsplash

The main story

Slated for a December launch, PepsiCo announced that they are ready to rollout Driftwell, its first product from a company-wide internal competition.

Coined "The Next Big Idea," employees were able to submit plans on a range of topics (products, systems, processes) that were voted on and sent to their CEO Ramon Laguarta.

While we've seen similar innovation attempts among organizations, most tend to fizzle out or only focus on tackling internal projects with low priority.

Laguarta's brainchild is not only proof that innovation can come from all levels - it's a testament to employees that their contributions can truly make a difference.

Teachable Moment

Give your employees the opportunity to innovate and contribute to the larger conversation. You'll be surprised by the positive results it yields.