The Opportunity in Embracing an Obstacle

The Opportunity in Embracing an Obstacle

The main story

Kraft Heinz, owner of the brand Philadelphia Cream Cheese, is offering to pay customers not to buy its product.

On Wednesday, December 15, Kraft Heinz announced its Spread the Feeling campaign in response to a national cream cheese shortage.

The company will pay 18,000 people a $20 digital award for purchasing any dessert or dessert ingredient that doesn't contain cream cheese between the 17th and 24th of this month.

Participants will be able to register through the campaign’s site to reserve a spot and submit their receipt.

Teachable Moment

What a fun and creative twist on the classic supply chain conundrum everyone is facing.

Kraft Heinz’s move to not only embrace the shortage but pay customers for the inconvenience is a lesson in finding opportunities within a bad situation.

When something negatively affects those you serve (employees, clients, etc.), your first instinct is to find a solution without letting them know there’s an issue.

In this case, Kraft Heinz took a different approach by including the customer (by way of payment) in a way that lets them engage with their brand without having to buy their product.

A marketer’s Christmas miracle come true.