The Power In Telling Your Full Story

The Power In Telling Your Full Story

The main story

In celebration of Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft has gained attention for highlighting a significant roadblock in the console’s history.

On Tuesday, November 23rd, Microsoft launched a digital Xbox museum where visitors can view an interactive timeline detailing key milestones.

Of the most notable is a featured letter from 1999 when Microsoft attempted to partner with Nintendo without success.

Microsoft’s proposal to Nintendo was to leverage its hardware to compete with Sony’s new Playstation line.

Recalling the meeting with Nintendo, former Microsoft Director of Third Party Relations described the moment as “an hour of somebody just laughing at you.”

Teachable Moment

There’s more to a company’s journey than just the wins and highs of doing business.

Xbox is clearly a successful entity for Microsoft, as well as a major competitor in the video game space, but to think that they were laughed out of a room and thought of as a joke from one of the largest video game companies in history is a testament how large roadblocks can shape your future.

By adding the letter to its public timeline and history, Microsoft is forever immortalizing the moment of how they persevered and didn’t take no for an answer.

As a leader, there’s pressure to show up as perfect with a clean track record, but let this be a reminder for you to own all aspects of your journey.

Without the bad, we rarely have the good, and when we show the full picture, we inspire others to bring their whole selves.

Roadblocks and all.