What Happens When Employees Choose Their Own Salary?

What Happens When Employees Choose Their Own Salary?

The main story

French communications training firm Present Perfect has decided to fight employee burnout by letting employees choose their own salary.

Amid panic of losing employees due to the “Great Resignation,” founder Annabelle Roberts let each of her 10 employees choose their own salary and work hours.

The idea (one that their accountant advised against) was in response to the large amount of work ahead for the firm and the loss of productivity if just one employee left.

Some asked for extremely high salaries that were negotiated to more modest increases, while others opted out of a salary increase as long as work schedules remained flexible.

As a result of the changes, Roberts states that it “pushed the standard of excellence through the roof” since the start of the experiment.

Teachable Moment

What a novel idea:

Asking your employees what it will take to keep them working for your firm.

Sure, we all can’t afford to pay exorbitant salaries to everyone, but this experiment showed us that (in this case) not everyone wants more money and that working together produces a positive outcome.

Want to keep your employees?

Just ask what they need.

Sometimes it really is that simple.