What Happens When Your Employees Learn From Your Customers?

What Happens When Your Employees Learn From Your Customers?

The main story

Food delivery service DoorDash is facing employee concerns following a reinstated company policy.

Starting in January, DoorDash will reinstate its WeDash program under which all non-delivery employees, including CEO Tony Xu, must complete deliveries for the company at least once a month.

This has caused concern for some employees, particularly an engineer for the company who shared their gripes on the anonymous employee platform Blind.

While several employees on the Blind platform shared similar concerns, a spokesperson for DoorDash states that the sentiment is “not a reflection of the employee base at large.”

The WeDash program, which has been paused since the pandemic, offers options to shadow customer service agents as wee as the merchant support side of the business if they’re unable to make deliveries.

Teachable Moment

Great employees don’t build great products.

Great employees who understand the problems they’re working to solve build great products.

And that involves learning from the perspective of your customers.

DoorDash’s program is a necessary step for employees to understand sides of the business that they might not be aware of.

Any employees who have a problem learning more about the product/company they contribute towards are the ones you don’t want on the team.