Why You Shouldn’t Play the Blame Game

Why You Shouldn’t Play the Blame Game

The main story

Google takes shots at competitor Apple after claiming that its blue iMessage bubbles give it an edge in the market.

On Saturday, January 8th, The Wall Street Journal published a piece claiming that Apple uses its iMessage features to push teens into picking iOS over Android phones.

The article explores how within a social setting, teenagers will feel ostracized because of the green message bubbles their Android phones produce and will eventually be peer pressured into purchasing an iPhone to fit in.

Google’s SVP of Platforms & Ecosystems Hiroshi Lockheimer responded to the article with a Tweet stating that Apple’s iMessage uses “peer pressure and bullying” to sell its product.

Teachable Moment

One of the most divisive conversations in the smartphone era has been between choosing an iOS or Android device.

I’m sure you have your preference, but what I see in this case is an attempt for one competitor (Google) to blame another (Apple) for the loss of adoption within a target market.

All products have proprietary features - it’s what helps them stand out in a wave of competition, but blaming your competitor for taking 1st place is time wasted on what could be spent creating something far superior.

It really comes down to two options: sell a better product or find a way to market it better.

In the end, the consumer will decide who wins.