You Know Better than They Do

You Know Better than They Do

This week was full of heavy research for me.

While I was preparing for my latest video segment of Circling Back, I scrolled through dozens of articles and studies on the world of remote work and what researchers were saying about Gen Z’s take.

I wasn’t really surprised at what I found, but it was pretty irritating to discover how serious companies were taking these studies to heart.

And it got me thinking.

How often are you making decisions based on data that’s not specific to your company?

Sure, external data and research are a great starting point, but it’s not the end all be all.

Leaders often take studies they read about or lessons they’ve picked up from a new book too seriously and immediately incorporate it into their teams.

All without seeing if it’s relevant at all.

When it comes to your team, employees, and coworkers, you know better than most 3rd party “experts” do.

Because you have the knowledge of how they work and operate.

Leverage this context as a strength, as you’ll often have the power to make meaningful change more than some outside “expert” could.